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Steve Little

Steve Little is the President, “Head Coach”, of KPost Roofing & Waterproofing joining Keith Post and Jayne Williams in November 2003 as one of the three original officers to start KPost. In 2005, Steve founded National Roofing Partners (NRP), a nation-wide partnership of professional roofing contractors providing facilities performance services, and now serves as CEO. The 175+ NRP member companies and their 13,000 employees perform more than $1 billion in annual collective revenue.


Stephan Tchividjian

Stephan currently serves as one of the founders and president of the board of the National Christian Foundation of South Florida, formed as a platform to encourage and facilitate generous giving among the South Florida community, impacting local, national and international needs.



Elias Janetis is the founder of fin tech startup Squeeze. Elias is an Entrepreneur, investor, creative, & risk-taker. Elias is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful startups. His newest company, Squeeze, saves consumers money on their recurring monthly bills by automatically identifying more inexpensive options that meet consumers’ same needs from loans, insurance, credit cards, home services and more.



Daniel Young is the CEO & Co-Founder of Kingdom Roofing Systems in Indiana. Daniel & his team scaled Kingdom from $4M to $16M in just 3 years, deploying the “Blue Ocean Strategy Model” by owning mid-size markets in underserved areas. Daniel is a textbook entrepreneur with his hand in a variety of ventures, including his roofing organization, a new Gutter startup prepared for a national franchise, an event center launching by the end of 2022 & an international real estate portfolio, all specializing in short term rentals.

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