AIC Roofing: $3 – $7.5 + Million of Residential Retail Reroof Sales in 24 months, no longer tied to every deal. Having kids on his 6,000 Sq ft. Estate

State 1: Blaine Adams, Owner of AIC Roofing has been in business for 10 years and was still tied to just about everything. He’d never build a sale structure and although he was an outstanding roofer and person, he was still very tied to everything.

State 2: By learning a formal sales process, structure, culture, and CRM program for his sales team, he immediately gained confidence in delegating more of the responsibility of sales to his team members. With the training and coaching for him as a sales leader and the sales team, everything changed for the better. Higher margins, larger deals, shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, more referrals.  Now he has a Sales Manager in place while he has focused on optimizing the other areas of his business.

Timeframe: $3 – $7.5 + Million of residential retail sales in 24 months.

Story: In 2017, Blaine and I met at a GAF Wealth Builder conference. Blaine didn’t want to buy another software in Followup CRM, but when I started my coaching and consulting business – he decided to engage in my help. I flew to KY, worked with him directly and propelled him forward as we standardized his sales process, numbers, tracking, sales meeting cadence, daily huddles and more.

We found out his sales teams’ hidden weaknesses and limiting beliefs. Now he’s added more coaching for the other aspects of his business and keeps popping out babies to populate his 6,000 square foot Lexington Kentucky Estate!

Ryan came in and it changed everything for me. He got me on the right path. The program paid for itself hundreds of times over. It pays to work with Ryan. Blaine Adams, Owner AIC Roofing

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