Avco Roofing: $0 – $7.5 Million of Commercial Sales in 24 months with 2 Account Executives

State 1: Already a prospecting and sales organization doing about $18-$20 in insurance restoration residential sales, Heath Hicks and Commercial President Alex Zimmerman knew that commercial work brings resilience and increased growth potential and wanted to fast track their results with a proven process. The knew that “commercial is a completely different animal” and their current sales knowledge and process didn’t support the outcomes they desired.

State 2: By transitioning their top residential talent into commercial sales, they utilized the system and joined the Mastermind program as well and have seen amazing results.

Timeframe: $0 – $7.5 + Million of commercial sales in 24 months.

Story: Heath and his leadership team, which includes Alex Zimmerman to head up Commercial are a great group of entrepreneurs. They have one of the best cultures in the industry and truly inspire their team to do incredible things. However, they knew that they were getting locked up when growing commercial and so they invested in themselves with Ryan’s help. With a focus on service and getting to actual decision-makers with a mile-stone centric sales process provided and taught by STG, they secured $7.5 in commercial sales in 24 months of starting the division. Since seeing the unlocking of skills that happened with their Commerical account managers, they brought me in live to train their residential salesforce for 1.5 days. Immediately, they saw an uptick in the reps’ ability to sell add-ons and upgrades. Therefore, this system has helped their entire sales organization become more consultative, better hunters, better value sellers, better qualifiers and in turn, better closers.

Ryan’s system is legit and matches our core values. STG is authentic, genuine, relational and intelligent. We’re all in. Alex Zimmerman, President Commercial Division of Avco Roofing.
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