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My Contracting Mentor Gregg Wallick of Best Roofing: From $8.5 M – $50 + Million of Predictable Growth over 9 years in one regional market

State 1: After being hammered heavily by 2008-2009 recession and over-leveraged with new construction work. Gregg was “bidder” and not a sales and marketing organization. He was aggressive and focused, but with the wrong strategy.

State 2: After implementing a sales process, building a sales structure, designing a sales culture, emphasizing on service repair and maintenance to establish and build relationships, powering up the Best Roofing Brand, optimizing for growth because of strong tracking and metrics, Gregg has a recession-proof, storm drought-proof organization that is a cash cow. He’s bought a building, expanded and renovated on multiple levels, has 26 service trucks that are literal driving billboards crawling all over South Florida. He gives to his favorite charities, can attract high-performing talent, has a brand and a culture that is recognized as #1 in his market and has the time and energy to give back to the Roofing industry that has been so good to him. In 2018, they won Commercial Roofing Contractor of the Year, presented by Roofing Contractor Magazine.
Timeframe: $8.5 – $50 + Million of controlled growth over 9 years.

Story: In 2013, I joined Gregg Wallick of Best Roofing to launch Followup CRM, a Sales Management program that he designed for his own business dating back to 2009. Both he and I had a high-level team sport background, Gregg played middle linebacker at the University of Miami and was the team captain his senior year, and I played outfield for Oral Roberts University and was drafted by the Angels, playing two seasons of professional ball. I was hungry to learn and he shared his wisdom and secrets with me for 4.5 years as I led the bootstrapped CRM company. I witnessed what can happen in the contracting business when implementing what I am teaching the industry today, his 30 + years of trial and error and what is now upwards to a  $60 Million per year business with 20% of the business being high-margin service work, with the remainder being high-margin replacement work as a result of optimizing for the sales and marketing variables that I teach in this program. I was his student, now I’m the teacher. Here are some numbers to show the evidence of his success at Best Roofing.

I’ve never mentored someone as closely as I have with Ryan Groth. He was a great student and if anyone works with him, well…it’s basically having a cheat code. What he’ll bring to you is what I’ve learned the hard and expensive way over three decades of experience. He will fast track your success if you listen to him. Gregg Wallick, CEO of Best Roofing and Followup CRM

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