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Case Study: Benjamin Fisher (Big Fish Contracting Co.)

Benjamin Fisher, the owner of The Big Fish Contracting Company, was trying to find a way to grow his roofing business. With help from the Sales Transformation Group, he was able to create a better culture for his sales team and greatly improve sales, even during COVID.

His Biggest Pain Point Was Onboarding New Sales Staff Quickly And Efficiently

Though Benny had a couple of sales people, he didn’t really have a process for training and scaling up members of the sales team. His process had been to have his sales team shadow him and try to duplicate his efforts. Recognizing that this wasn’t scalable, Benjamin turned to the Sales Transformation Group who helped implement a new sales training program.

He Learned How To Scale His Team

The new sales training program (Sales Accelerator) was full of sales process training, as well as a variety of resources that helped his team learn faster and more effectively. The Sales Accelerator program was built to help Benjamin with everything from job descriptions to a number of different training programs that were unique to the roofing industry.

$3,000,000 In Sales/Yr Before Joining The Program And After A Year In The program, They Did $5,000,000 In Sales

The improved sales training allowed his company to nearly double its sales in just one year. The scalability of the program, as well as the specificity of the modules created a more competent and confident sales team that was better prepared to find and sell to the right kinds of customers.

27% Close Ratio To A 35% Close Ratio In A Year Due To Consistency And Deliverables

Sales Accelerator also helped The Big Fish Contracting Company better identify the kinds of clients they were looking for, which resulted in a better close ratio. That meant less time chasing bad leads and more time closing.

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