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It’s no secret that success with business requires a lot of time, energy and sacrifice. 

Most of us got into business for one simple reason. To achieve financial freedom and create an amazing lifestyle for both ourselves and our families.

Martin Pettigrew joined us for Episode 8 of the Growth Minded Contractor Podcast to talk about creating rapid growth in your contracting business. 

Benji Carlson was our guest for episode 7 of the Growth Minded Contractor podcast. 

It was incredibly exciting to have Steve Little and Keith Post on for Episode 6 of the Growth Minded Contractor podcast.

Do I hire a marketing company or person to make the leads happen? Or do I hire a sales coach or another salesperson to make sure we’re closing the deals we do have?

There’s no denying that sales is one of the most important aspects of any roofing company, so it’s perfectly understandable if you think it might be time to reboot your company’s sales presentation.

Weather patterns throughout the United States have only become more unpredictable in recent years, and excessively hot summers and cold winters are beginning to take a toll on people and the integrity of their properties.

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