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Do you feel like your one business is now two full-time jobs? Owning your own contracting business is a dream but not when it turns into an administrative nightmare.

In the United States, the commercial roofing industry is poised to grow by over 6% a year. Selling commercial roofing can be rewarding, but success is not guaranteed.

Businesses take a lot of time to start operating successfully, and making a place in the industry is quite difficult. It is because there are various challenges that people in sales and business face.

Closing Ratio As a contractor preparing for future growth, you should know how you stack up against other players in the industry. This is a valuable tool in evaluating whether your existing operations are all they can be or is there room for improvement.

What you wear to a commercial sales meeting is just as important as your interview outfit. Keep in mind that you cannot simply put on your favorite pair of ripped jeans and depend on your brainpower or experience to make a good impression.

Sales and marketing are competitive. As a salesperson, you need to have the right qualities and know how to carry yourself around the office to make the most impact and make sure your company wins big.

One of the greatest challenges for any company or small business is attracting quality candidates. There is a good reason for this difficulty. Note that for any business, no matter the industry, bad hires can be a nightmare. On the other hand, good hires are gold dust.

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