CIG Construction: From a Standing Halt, $0 – $5 Million of Commercial Sales in 24 months. After ten years of business unpredictability in residential storm market, changed to a commercial roofer

State 1: After being subjected to the unpredictability of residential insurance in the Colorado storm roofing market for ten years, Kelly and Janice couldn’t control their margins or predict the future of their business. They did very little commercial work, enough to have practiced on a job or two.

State 2: After speaking with me, they decided they have had enough of the turmoil of their business model. They begin concentrating on the commercial market with repairs and maintenance. They followed my steps, sacrificed and took action. They will do $5 M in just 24 months.

Timeframe: $0 – $5 + Million of commercial sales in just 24 months

Story: In 2018, Janice reached out to me and felt they were in dire need of sales structure, a sales process and a way to help Kelly (the primary salesperson) get focused. Janice, who handles the admin and backend saw the need and brought me into the conversation.

Once Kelly bought into the future outcomes and was ready to stop living in the unpredictable world of insurance, they jumped in and within 24 months already have $5 Million of commercial contracts underway. They have the ability to set goals, plan, have a vision, focus and achieve what they want.

I haven’t been this excited about roofing in ten years of being in business. I can honestly say that I can see exactly how we will be $20 Million per year business. Kelly Stitzer, Owner of CIG Construction. “We work well as a team, both Kelly and I. I haven’t even jumped on the calls because Kelly has been doing the work. It helps a ton to bring on salespeople who we can hold accountable because we are doing it ourselves. That was the key.” Janice Stitzer, Partner CIG Construction.

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