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Commercial Roofing Lead Gen Tips

There are several ways to generate leads for a commercial roofing contracting business, including:
  1. Networking and word-of-mouth referrals: Leverage existing connections to gain new business. This is by far the most effective and the highest percentage of closing. It’s one thing to ask for referrals; it’s another thing to get them! An STG-ism that we often use at our company is “Who do you know?” (we call this the four magic words). Foster the introduction and have the initial conversation! Introductions and referrals are much more challenging for a prospect to turn down than a cold call.
  2. Online advertising: Use Google AdWords or social media advertising to target potential customers. This is effective because buyers are in “buying mode” when searching online for help. Examples of solid keywords are “roof repair Arlington tx.”
  3. Search engine optimization: Optimize your website and online presence to rank higher in search engine results. Chris Yano is the CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions, LLC, a digital marketing company that is fantastic at website development, SEO, and digital advertising.
  4. Direct mail marketing: Send promotional materials to potential customers in your area. I recommend focusing on repairs and free inspections as your strategy versus a roof replacement.
  5. Trade shows and events: Attend industry and trade shows to network and promote your business. Examples are BOMA, IFMA, and Apartment Associations.
  6. Continuing Education: Your ideal customers will attend educational seminars to keep their licenses and remain in the credible groups they’re in. If you’re the person teaching an accredited class, you’ll be perceived as the expert and will generate leads organically. Contact Bryan Mitchell for an example of these courses like “Roofing 101”. Gregg Wallick is a pioneer of doing this and presents his talk for Best Roofing over 12 times per year in the South Florida Market.
  7. Cold calling: Reach out to potential customers directly to introduce your business and services. Although this can be challenging to start, once it’s dialed in, you can get on roofs and offer free inspections. I recommend doing this with an outside sales team first versus an inside sales team. It’s easier and more effective to walk into an industrial plaza and speak with a decision-maker than to call in. Casey Mynatt is a great professional that spent many years doing this with Rackley Roofing Company, Inc. in the Knoxville, TN, market and demonstrated great success, selling millions of dollars of service and reroof jobs per year.
  8. Lead generation services: Utilize specialized services that provide leads for contractors in your industry. Peak Leads led by CEO Nick Peret does a great job helping companies generate leads as a service. Abstrakt Marketing Group and AltaVista Strategic Partners are two other firms that have an excellent track record of generating leads for commercial roofers.
  9. Partner with other businesses: Partnering with other businesses in related industries can be an excellent way to generate leads. For example, if you partner with a commercial HVAC company, then you can make introductions to one another. You’re both likely chasing the same ICP (ideal client profile), and therefore you can share resources and significantly improve your book of business.

It’s important to note that, regardless of the method, the key to generating leads is to have a clear value proposition and a strong sales process.

If you need help with getting your team to prospect and a good sales process to close more commercial roofing jobs, visit or email me at to hear more about our sales process.

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