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Sales Accelerator, the Ultimate Sales Transformation Platform for Contractors

If you have an existing business, you already have all the tools you need to get started in the 14-day trial. There are a limited amount of spots available because of the support provided for everyone in the program.

This is for Growth-Minded Commercial Service & Construction Companies who want to improve sales performance in the commercial market.

This is a VERY robust program and has proven to deliver incredible results for hundreds of contractors, so watch the overview video to see what it’s all about.

This is for you if...

You’re stuck in the “bid and beg” trap, you spray and pray to get work and you want a proven method to making incredible headway in the private sector of the commercial market

You want higher margin dream accounts, versus low margin jobs that don’t have recurring potential

You have been stuck in a race to the bottom and want to sell more on value and be the trusted partner with your clients.

You need your sales team to learn how to grow accounts and find more ideal clients in your market, then get to the actual decision makers and close jobs without being low bid.

You want to be a leader in commercial and you know you need coaching to build a great team

You want a proven system and process to converting commercial business versus wasting time and money just guessing and trying to figure it out on your own

You love your team and want to see them grow both personally and professionally

You’re ready to grow talented people and help them become sales rockstars, landing enterprise level sales

You know that building a sales team is the only way to find the dream jobs that you want, or know that building relationships will allow you to increase the average size per account

You’re growth minded and are ready for the next level and need a coaching system to help you get there

Introducing ATTMO™️

The New Way To Build A Sales Organization

Let’s face it, it’s never been more important to have a system in place for building a Sales Organization in your business.

That’s why we created ATTMO™️, the only system in the industry that helps you Analyze, Train, Transform, Measure, and Optimize your Sales Process.

How it works:

We analyze your sales leaders and sales people based on “21 Sales Competencies” that are crucial for landing profitable, high margin jobs consistently. Additionally, we review your sales plan and infrastructure (or create one with you if you don’t have one yet), to help you build a world class sales organization. By identifying weaknesses in these areas we are able to uncover hidden opportunities for growth and begin the training and transformation process in your business.

We train your sales leaders (or help you recruit if you don’t have one yet!) and equip them with the tools they need to lead your Sales Department to victory.

Our ATTMO™️ Training includes:

✓ Baseline Selling: A proven, repeatable process that anyone can follow and go from average or underperforming to sales all-star in just 30 days.

✓ Coaching and Group Roleplaying: Just like an athlete needs to work on one part of their game, your sales reps need to work on each step of the sales process. After all, the more you practice and train, the more likely you are to win when it’s game time. Your sales leaders will practice with other peers in the community and become specialized in each step of the sale process.

In our Coaching and Group Role Playing you’ll learn effective prospecting techniques, business development, sales process, networking, consultative selling, qualifying, relationship building, sales leader training, customer service training, inside sales, account development, and how to close more jobs.

After your team has been analyzed, and trained, they’re ripe for Transformation. The beauty of this step is that it happens almost automatically as a result of proper training.

In this phase you’ll watch your business Transform by…

✓ Creating a culture in your business that people want to be a part of, making retention easier, and the growth of your company more predictable.

✓ Having a better handle on data and technology so you can make data-driven decisions that move the needle.

✓ Improving the quality and productivity of sales meetings so that you can drive the biggest results from your team.

✓ Developing sales leaders who have expanded tool sets to become world class coaches within your company.

✓ Creating camaraderie in the team so that morale is high and your team is excited about working together.

✓ Aligning sales comp in a way that helps achieve objectives we identified in your sales plan.

By this phase you’ll have technology in place to measure progress of learning, actual sales achievement against goals and sales analytics with dashboard visibility. This will enable you to measure the effectiveness of our sales coaching and methodology while at the same time providing accountability for your team. We’ll also implement a team competency checkpoint to demonstrate growth and review year 1 results to ensure you’re making progress towards your goals.

Now that we’ve Analyzed, Trained, Transformed and Measured your team’s performance, we go forth and Optimize!

This phase includes:

✓ Implementing best in class sales enablement tools including AI proposal software, and presentation software to make you stand out from the competition and make your service shine.

✓ Time management training to ensure you’re getting the most output from your team and running your shop at peak efficiency.

✓ Sales Team Optimization: Recruiting new people, and delegating to inside sales, sales coordinators, revenue ops, customer service reps, surveyors and estimators which allows your trained sales pros to focus their time on selling and producing revenue for your business.

✓ Automated recruiting funnel that builds your team on autopilot.

✓ Create your year 2 and beyond sales plan, and add team incentive programs for sustainable motivation over time.

✓ Create a career ladder in the team which incentivizes growth and shows how they can “give themselves a raise” and move up in the company.

Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert

Ryan Groth

CEO Sales Transformation Group

Ryan is a former professional baseball player who got into sales in the construction industry after his career in baseball ended.

Growing up, his parents owned a construction company and he saw the pains that they went through due to not having a predictable, consistent sales system in place.

Today Ryan has helped transform over 500+ contracting, trades, and building materials businesses through the sales transformation model.

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