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How One Salesperson from The Beyond Group Increased their Revenue by $1.6 Million in One Year Following STG's Proven Process

Playing on the Same Team

A disjointed approach can lead to brand confusion and failed consistency. Beyond Group relied heavily on strong sales team members selling based on personal style to the best of their ability. Without a proper system, benchmarking, or tracking, each team member sang from a different song sheet. Our support provided the system and tools needed to define who they wanted to be and what metrics mattered. The Beyond Group sales team now speaks the same language and truly understands how they are performing and what needs adjusting to ensure they not only achieve but exceed the expected goals.

Enabling Scalability

Beyond Group noticed that they were spending extra time finding candidates and managing the sales team due to a lack of system. By leveraging Sales Transformation Group to systemize their approach, Beyond Group built a supportive culture that scales quickly and produces more with the team they have in place. Their new focus led to substantial gains from their sales team. Closing rates went from 33-37% to over 50%. Revenue and deal size also dramatically increased, one team member was able to turn 1.3 million in sales in 2020 to 2.9 million the following year. A new team member who joined with zero experience in the industry but learned through the STG baseline selling process closed 44% in their first year.

Achieving Greatness

Beyond Group knew that they needed major league coaching if they wanted to play in the major league. Chasing any win and having the team run in different directions wasn’t a viable option. With Sales Transformation Group’s coaching and systems, they could have a different perspective on the numbers and hone in on the ideal client profile to target. This ability to reverse-engineer the right techniques and processes changed their business for the better and took Beyond Group’s sales from okay to great.

Quote from Curt

“It’s an investment that you should be looking at seriously, not only of dollars but also time. You get out of it what you put in. If you are joining Sales Transformation Group, truly follow the system and implement as many things as you possibly can, and you will find success.” – Curt Janzen, CEO of Beyond Group of Companies

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