Eagle Concrete, Commercial Concrete Subcontractor:  From $15-20M in 18 months.  No longer calling themselves “Estimators”!


State 1: Prior to hiring Sales Transformation Group, Craig and Brett were “estimators”, winning about $7.5 M a piece in work per year but have been “stuck” for a while. They knew they needed to change their methods or the future of the company wouldn’t change for them. They were “working hard”, not afraid to bid a ton of work and put the hours in, but not going anywhere. They knew they needed to “keep up with the times and change.”

State 2: Now, Craig and his teammate Brett are transforming their business. They used to call themselves “Estimators” — but now — they’re “Salesmen”. They’ve both hired project managers/apprentices in order to delegate tasks that help them stay focused on selling. Craig is even getting a few rounds of golf in with his clients! They have a healthy internal camaraderie, challenging each other to sell more and achieve record numbers.


Craig Martin and Eagle Concrete experienced what he calls an “INSTANT return” on investment when he joined the Sales Transformation Group community. Here are a few things the credits to the program:

  • No more “just throwing numbers and the wall and hoping…”
  • Better Qualifying.
  • Better Relationships, more phone and face time. 
  • They ask more good, great and tough questions.
  • Repeatable, Predictable Revenue.
  • Constant support through coaching calls and training modules.
  • Shorter sales cycles, Higher Hit Rates
  • More Confidence
  • Fun Competitive Camaraderie
  • Hearing others having success gives him the confidence to not revert to old habits

 “We did a lot of research with coaching programs because we wanted the best ROI possible. Ryan’s program was the best we’ve seen for the money to help us solve this problem.”

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