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Greatest Advice of All Time

We all come across mentors, teachers, family members, or simply people that we look up to. Most of these people have qualities that we admire and want to become like them.However, a similar piece of advice that I once received from someone I admired has stuck with me through all these years. I too had a mentor who gave me tons of useful advice.

However, one of these pieces of advice stuck with me. The advice may have been something simple, something that we have all heard a million times around us. But, it was the way he delivered it, that truly connected with me. It was:


This little piece of advice stuck with me through all these years, even when even I was not sure what was going to happen in life. It acted as a beacon of light for me, and I’m sure it could do the same for you if you understand what it truly means.

Never Quit: What It Did for Me

Although I never thought this advice would stick with me even after 6 years, it has. I remember when he said these words to me, I was just starting to step into the business world. We (me and my wife) moved to southern California and we wanted a couch. It was a restoration hardware couch, and it was used because honestly, we couldn’t afford to invest in a brand-new $15,000 couch. So, we just settled for a used one.

We saw a well-off individual with a fancy house, an amazing interior, and I was a new, hungry entrepreneur. So, I went up to him and asked for a piece of advice. And he said the same thing, “NEVER GIVE UP”. This made me realize that perhaps this is the key to staying ahead in business. So let us talk about why you should never quit in Business.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit in Business

Staying consistent towards your dreams brings wide benefits for you in the long run.

It Gets Better

It can be difficult to stay on track when everything seems like it is crashing, and life is more difficult than ever. However, running a business, or chasing a dream does get better with time only if you stay consistent towards it. Even leading brands like Apple, KFC, and Mcdonald’s have had their rough patches in the beginning, but have now managed to captivate the global market.

You will probably see a positive transformation in your business idea if you truly believe in it. Ideas, investors, designs, workers, whatever an entrepreneur lacks will eventually come around. It all depends on how long you are willing to wait for it. As they say “Good things come to those who wait”.

Clarity takes Time

Understandably, there is a chance that you might come to a crossroads with yourself if chasing a traditional job is better than doing all this hard work over an idea. However, in many cases, that is not even the person themselves. Instead, it is the societal and peer pressure, or financial conditions. You can probably see the true extent of your idea once you share it with the right group of people.

You Could Be an Inspiration

You never know how many lives you are changing just by chasing your dream or staying determined with what you want. Your actions are connected to several people’s hopes, which make it a must to stay consistent. You don’t want to give up on a dream if you are someone’s role model, or somebody they look up to.

Bottom Line

Not giving up is one of the greatest pieces of advice that any aspiring businessman or entrepreneur can follow if they wish to succeed. You need time to assess things, things improve over time, or you could simply be an inspiration to someone. Either way, staying determined towards your dreams and not giving up will unlock the doors to success eventually.

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