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How‌ ‌Elite‌ ‌Performers‌ ‌Conduct‌ ‌ Themselves‌

Sales and marketing are competitive. As a salesperson, you need to have the right qualities and know how to carry yourself around the office to make the most impact and make sure your company wins big. Keep in mind that your office or company is essentially a group of teams, and you will be around these teams and interact with them. While not everyone is really cut out for sales, if you know how to carry yourself, it will affect your performance.

So, what makes a person a good fit for the job? Let’s find out.

Be a Team Player- Lone Wolf Mentality is Outdated

Salespersons and managers are fostering new relationships with personnel outside their divisions, like marketing, manufacturing, finance, technical support, and customer service. Throughout history, the mysterious and mythological “lone wolf” has captured imaginations worldwide as the resourceful, solitary, self-sufficient hero who can stand tall against daunting odds in order to win the day.

However, times have changed, and you should stop measuring success and goals on an “I” basis and gradually shift your perspective to “we.” You should not be so dialed in and obsessed with your own results and achievements that you don’t have any friends who have your back.

Also, you should not be too forthright that you barge into a meeting room and give the suggestion of the year. In other words, you should build trust and speak when it is your time.

Be Personable and Caring

No one likes to talk to somebody who cannot hold a conversation or comes off cold. Every salesperson who has closed several deals and knows how to conduct himself has one thing in common – they are caring, connected, and personable.

However, this does not mean that all salespeople have to be superficial charmers. You cannot, however, be so introverted that your colleagues misread your demeanor as rude or aloof. Instead, it is better to address people by their first name and say hello when you meet them, and remember little details about these people to show that you really care.

Be Playful and Humorous

Besides being more caring and personable, you should also be playful and humorous. Humor creates an atmosphere of levity as well as a sense of perspective that can easily dissolve tension. It can also protect you from stress at work. Being playful and fun and injecting some humor in the workplace can help alleviate the stress levels of other employees. So, don’t be too serious.

Tasteful humor and playfulness are important to success at work if you are a salesperson. So, if your co-workers are not cracking jokes, your office could stand to have a little more fun. Did you know that laughter also creates and strengthens social bonds in humans?

Social Awareness

Exceptional and elite salespeople also know the importance of being socially aware while maintaining a balance between being too friendly and too aloof. They know and understand how to play the game; however, they do it with high levels of integrity and self-possession. These people are aware of who they are and what information they share and exchange when attending organization-wide events.

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