Maxwell Roofing: $10 – $20 Million of Commercial Negotiated Sales in 5 years and Successful transition of Generational Leadership

State 1: John Maxwell, a 2nd Generation owner knew that he was too heavily dependant on New Construction and wanted to build up his service department. They were very reactive and not relational enough to win the reroofing business. He replied to a direct mail campaign in 2015 from Ryan and bought the sales CRM and his earlier sales training. $1 Million of reactive service and sat at $10 Million per year. Knowing that a recession will occur, John wants to be proactive to avoid a crisis.

State 2: Kathleen, his daughter has now become the VP of Sales as John is looking to exit. Kathleen has built her own team around some of John’s “old regime”. She now has two high performing Account Managers and new Estimators. They’re on hit $20 M by the 2020 year-end.

Timeframe: $10 – $20 + Million of negotiated commercial sales in 5 years.

Story: In 2018, Kathleen and I began working more closely with the Sales process, strategy, compensation structure, coaching, and branding strategy of Maxwell Roofing with my program. She’s increased service and maintenance sales incredibly to averaging $250 K per month and her Account Managers are now organically generating a reroof pipeline and closing these projects.Your Content Goes Here

Ryan’s help has been a gamechanger for us. We feel that we are recession-proof because of the strategy and tactics that we have implemented. Kathleen Maxwell, VP Sales Maxwell Roofing.

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