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Adam House Sr.

Adam House is an experienced, mature leader with a proven track record of achieving the impossible. With an innate ability to figure out how to win, Adam brings grit, resiliency, and unmatched hustle to liberate opportunity, bust through barriers and accelerate growth.

Adam’s unique and diverse background – from founding and selling several tech startups to becoming a professional basketball player at age 32 – is anything but typical. His mission is to help organizations run faster and achieve higher levels of performance. Adam House pushes people beyond what they thought possible to achieve full organizational potential.

Adam Is..

  • Resourceful. Figures out how to get more done with less

  • Growth-obsessed. Breaks through obstacles to accelerate growth

  • A proven leader. A consistent track record of maximizing human performance

  • Future-forward. Deep understanding of tech, new trends, and fresh possibilities

  • High integrity. Committed to faith and family, he holds himself and others to the highest standardssh possibilities

Adam Isnt..

  • Typical. His unique experience of winning at the highest levels in both business and sports is far from ordinary

  • Slow. Adam accelerates growth by compressing time, being decisive, and leading with speed

  • Old School. A deep distain for the status quo, Adam pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

  • Mediocre. With the grit and hustle of a street fighter, Adam represents a significant departure from the expected

Adam House

Career Highlights

  • EVP/SVP – Quickenloans/RocketPro

  • Co-Founder/CEO – Qualmetrix (led to successful Series B Funding Round)

  • Founder/CEO – Velocitude (Acquired by Akamai Technologies)

  • Founder/CEO – DMA International (Acquired by V12Group)


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