Peak to Peak Roofing: $0 – $3.5 Million in Commercial Sales in 18 months, breaking the cycle of business unpredictability of residential roofing with insurance, fear and winter droughts

State 1: Damen Vagge, VP of Sales and Marketing shared that he and his partners have struggled with the chaos, fear, and uncertainty of being a storm chasing roofer for 9 years. They felt the anxiousness and panic and wanted out. They struggled with “salespeople in the storm market” turnover and spent 6 months cleaning up their messes.

State 2: By adding a commercial strategy and plan to their plan, they have unity, vision, predictability, focus and “buy-in”. They are attracting high-performers for year-round work. They just sold $150K in January, this has never happened before in their business.

Timeframe: $0 – $3.5 + Million of commercial sales in 18 months.

Story: In 2019, Damen and JJ saw me speak at a CRA event and engaged my services shortly thereafter. With resistance from one of their partners, now they are united and totally bought in.

Their sales meetings used to be terrible and fear-mongering. If a salesman quit, they panicked. Now, they have a vetted, juicy pipeline of commercial work and Damen can see how he can realize his dream of becoming a millionaire in this business way sooner than he originally expected.

This program has paid for itself in a month with one job, not to mention the entire culture change that we are seeing happen in our company for the first time. Everything has changed, but you have to have a driver, actually listen to Ryan and commit for this to work. Damen Vagge, VP Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors.

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