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Tips For Your Company’s Commercial Roofing Sales Training Program 

Every commercial roofing sales training program needs to highly value how salesmen are presenting themselves to potential customers! 

There’s no denying that sales is one of the most important aspects of any roofing company, so it’s perfectly understandable if you think it might be time to reboot your company’s sales presentation. 

Making the most of a commercial roofing sales training program from Sales Transformation Group can go a very long way towards booking more projects, and one important sales tactic that a lot of companies need to improve is their office and professional appearance. 

Your prospective clients are likely going to call several roofing companies before making a final hiring decision, which means that your team will need to be on their A-game to ensure that your business stands apart from the rest of your competition. Below we’ll be going over several roofing sales tips that your salesmen need to keep in mind going forward! 

1. First impressions are the time to convey a professional image 

Effective, impactful roofing sales presentations go so much further than simply providing basic information about products and their prices. From the very moment that your salesmen reach a property, their behavior and appearance will matter. This includes really small details like what music is coming out of your company’s vehicles, as well as the clothes they’re wearing. 

This is why your sales team needs to always dress appropriately and show the utmost respect for the properties of your customers. This means having brochures, video presentations and other sales materials ready to go so it’s easier for prospective customers to know what exactly they’re investing in. 

2. Focusing on customer education, not necessarily closing

Everyone of course wants to leave prospective customers with a signed contract, but the truth is that your business as a whole will be much better off if your sales team stays focused on educating business owners towards their very best roofing decisions. 

The vast majority of businesses will hire a contractor that primarily discusses the overall importance of their workmanship and their plans to ensure it, which means that your salesmen should be thoroughly explaining how the roofing process works and what the customer can expect. 

3. Make sure you’re differentiating your roofing company from your competitors 

Most business owners will be impressed when your salesmen clearly explain what differentiates your roofing business from other contractors. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective roofing sales tips to keep in mind, so you’ll need to ensure that your sales team understands your company’s uniqueness and can clearly express what makes you special to prospective clients. 

4. Be real. 

People simply like to purchase products and services from people who they consider to be authentic, which is why your sales team shouldn’t be afraid to include every day chit chat into sales pitches. One strategy that goes a long way is for salesmen to provide some background in terms of their history with your roofing company, which should include why they’ve chosen to work for you. 

Your salesmen should let customers know what they like about working for your company, as well as what their hobbies are, what their families are like, and what their other passions are beyond their careers. Coming down to a customer’s level and simply speaking in an ordinary fashion can go an incredibly long way towards quickly developing a rapport that leads to contracts and future referrals! 

5. Never get discouraged 

It’s always tough to receive a hard “no” as a commercial roofing salesman, but your team should never forget that today’s “no” could be a “yes” in the future. This is why it’s particularly important for your salesmen to maintain a great attitude throughout the entirety of their presentation. 

When you nurture your leads properly, you can keep your roofing company on people’s minds so they’ll reach out to you first when they think it’s time for them to invest in a new roofing system.

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