Rackley Roofing: $8 – $13 Million of Commercial Service in 24 months. Brand & Service Organization…trained to serve more clients than ever.

State 1: Already a great brand and commercial service company, they knew their sales team had room for improvement with a sales process that would help them identify qualified prospects more efficiently when prospecting. With a very strong culture, they trusted Ryan’s values and energy to add to the momentum they’ve already created.

State 2: By implementing the sales process, assigning a sales leader, training and coaching their team weekly, their effectiveness has skyrocketed. Service sales are up from $8 Million to $13 Million, Their team has seen an increase of confidence with their prospects and clients, in turn helping them solve problems from repair to full replacement.

Timeframe: $8 – $13 + Million of commercial service sales in 24 months. 15X ROI in the first year alone.

Story: Curtis, Michelle, and Michael are a great leadership team at Rackley Roofing. They are innovative, focused and committed to training and developing their team members. They truly have a desire to transform the industry as a whole, because they know how much everyone benefits when the industry improves. However, they have been successful so far without a formal selling system. Essentially, their sales reps were generating opportunities, but not consultative sellers and closers. Since implementing the program, their closing rate has shot up, their margins have increased, their reroof pipeline and forecasting has strengthened. They’ve added new talent to the team to expand other markets in the state and they now have a dedicated sales manager to coach the team on an ongoing basis. They’re already an industry leader and STG has helped them to accelerate their closings to achieve their goal of $100 million even faster than before.

Ryan Groth has changed our culture when it comes to prospecting and sales. In the first 6 months, we have spent 20% less time surveying roofs for potential clients who were either not ready to buy or weren’t going to buy from us anyway. Our cold call to discovery meetings ration went from 10% to 20% overnight. When delivering a proposal we have cut off 40% of re-pricing it as we now gather all of the information up-front. This has allowed our companies to be more service-oriented as we not wasting our customers’ time and our time re-pricing things. It pays to hire Ryan Groth and his team as the return on investment is 15X in the first year alone. Curtis Sutton, CEO Rackley Roofing
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