Very many Business Owners, Sales Leaders, and Marketers are really missing the boat when it comes to relationships. The issue that I see too often is that companies don’t know the incredible power of relationships in business and how it’s used in marketing and prospecting! Have you noticed that what gets the most attention and garners the most respect is when someone else is doing the praising for you?

If you want to tap into the gold of the relationships you have built and benefit both parties, then it’s time to use leverage! Each client relationship that you have has experienced a degree of results you’ve helped them realize, positive emotions, and outcomes they’ve experienced. You can’t fake relationships. They must be genuine and authentic. Therefore, when testimonials are recorded, reviews are documented, customer interviews are conducted and word of mouth spreads, it has a SUPERNOVA level effect (both positively and negatively).

Check out this short video to hear my thoughts about Relationships in Business and how they’re responsible for such powerful outcomes. If you are interested in learning about how STG can serve you with your Sales Process, click the button below now.

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