Testimonials and Success Story VIDEOS

You Too Can Build an All-Star Sales Organization that can actually forecast and smash targets!



CEO Rackley Roofing

Ryan Groth has changed our culture when it comes to prospecting and sales. In the first 6 months, we have spent 20% less time surveying roofs for potential clients who were either not ready to buy or weren’t going to buy from us anyway. Our cold call to discovery meetings ration went from 10% to 20% overnight. When delivering a proposal we have cut off 40% of re-pricing it as we now gather all of the information up-front. This has allowed our companies to be more service-oriented as we not wasting our customers’ time and our time re-pricing things. It pays to hire Ryan Groth and his team as the return on investment is 15X in the first year alone.


COO and President Sutter Roofing

At Sutter, we have been way too reliant on New Construction work and we brought Ryan in to help us sell more private work. His program connected the dots with our team immediately, since then we have created a VP of Sales role and we haven’t looked back. Our first year was a record year! Ryan know’s what he’s doing, hire him if you want to be less bid-oriented and more sales and relationship oriented!


CEO Kelly Roofing

Ryan’s sales system and knowledge of CRM has taken not only our commercial sales game up, but our residential sales game has also improved almost instantly. If you want to improve conversions from lead to close, investing into Ryan’s program is a no-brainer.


CEO Elite Roofing

We brought Ryan in because of his knowledge and experience working with large commercial roofing companies. His baseline sales process and focus on leading with service and repairs have helped up build long-lasting relationships in our market, setting our sales reps up for success and creating the value we want to portray. Not only does Ryan know sales, but he’s also an awesome guy who does things right and lines up with our core values as a company.


President Front Range Roofing

Ryan’s sales training and coaching have been a game-changer for us as a company and me personally as the President. We were able to transition one of our younger team members into the Sales Manager role, allowing me to work on higher-level areas of the business. Ryan’s sales process has given us language as a company so we know where we all stand, where we used to be very individualized and loose. Ryan’s really brought our team together to focus more on relationships versus bidding everything that comes our way. We are working together as a team better than ever and Ryan’s guidance has played a huge part in that.


Owner CIG Construction

Ryan’s program has helped us transition from being a residential contractor to serving 100% commercial clientele. We are so grateful because the commercial market is where we want to be because of the long-term growth and the headaches that homeowners cause. His training does help in all aspects of sales, however his knowledge on the commercial strategies appealed to us greatly and we haven’t looked back.


VP CFS Roofing

Ryan’s training and coaching transformed our team from “0 to 100” in a very short time. Our surveyors have become account managers, who are taking massive action and managing their time in a very professional manner. Our sales have tripled and our growth has become more predictable than ever. Ryan knows what he’s doing and it pays to bring his program into your business.


CEO Avco Roofing

Ryan’s the best! His ability to connect high-level sales mindset and principles has helped our sales guys upsell add-ons, upgrades and more commercial work. He’s the real deal and if you want to hire a coach who’s passion and integrity will raise the game of our team, look no further.

Paulo Souza

President- PSI Roofing

Thanks for reaching out. Ryan and his program have helped us tremendously. First gave us a system to run our sales department, then helped us to get
out if the bid world which was burning out my sales and estimating department since the volume of bids were way too high when compared to the actual sales. Lastly, after a process was established and our strategy changed requiring a much better qualification process of the opportunities and also provide us ways to train new staff and keep the current ones accountable. We are now tightening things up in our CRM and have promoted our top producer to a sales leadership position. On the numbers side, I have two great stories to share; one of my guys couldn’t break the $250K contract size revenue ceiling and with some coaching and guidance from Ryan, just about 2 months after a training session he sold an $800K deal. The other story is about a roof inspector that we turned into sales and have been using Ryan’s program for just 6 months; he already sold $300K in re-roof last year and $300K in Service, but the best came in this week where he just landed a $1.1M re-roof deal with a client he developed last year from scratch.