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Sales Transformation Group elevates the roofing industry with its Roof Warrior Program

May 2nd 2022 – Sales Transformation Group (STG), the premier Learn-Tech platform founded in 2018 for the building and construction market, launches its Roof Warrior Program in partnership with AVCO Roofing. 

Regardless of company maturity, Roof Warrior provides the tools and processes teams need to be fully capable of capitalizing on market opportunities. This sales accelerator, built from tried and true roofing lessons, covers everything from the anatomy of the roof system through production and scale. Leveraging this program to learn the right steps, training, processes, and organization needed to ensure your sales and back-office operations are running smoothly and effectively allows organizations to refresh their roofing basics while creating a roadmap and vision for the future.

“I’m thrilled to engage in this strategic partnership with such a trusted industry leader like Sales Transformation Group,” said Heath Hicks, Owner of AVCO Roofing. “We’ve spent the past 15 years in the trenches perfecting the roofing trade, which has enabled us to develop, alongside STG, this robust and scalable program that we like to think of as the ultimate roofing business-in-a-box.”

In addition to the online courses, STG will be offering several live trainings throughout the year. These immersive training sessions are aimed at teams looking to bring explosive energy and focus to sales and growth. During these sessions, teams will gain exposure to door-to-door tactics and scripts, sales psychology, role-playing, tips and tricks to sharpen your positioning, and how to rise to the next leadership level.

“Our Roof Warrior Program provides a clear and hyper-detailed roadmap that will enable roofing professionals and organizations of varying sizes to start or scale their business,” said Ryan Groth, CEO of Sales Transformation Group. “Extracting the successful strategies and tactics AVCO has used to grow their Roofing company to over $30M/year and expand into multiple markets, we have reverse engineered what it takes to become a successful roofing business to build this product.”

The STG Learn-Tech platform delivers a proven sales process for construction, trades, and building materials professionals who want to build a winning team that can scale predictably, sell profitably, and gain decisions and commitments quickly and consistently. Learn more at

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