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Get everything you need to land your dream jobs, increase profit margins, shorten sales cycles, and build a winning sales team…

Generate Qualified Leads

Get an unlimited flow of high-quality opportunities.

Close More Sales - Faster

Increase your closing ratios and get paid faster.

Build A High-Performing Sales Team

Hire, train, and retain elite sales talent.

Forecast, Scale & Automate

Fill your sales pipeline and scale at your own pace.

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Proven Sales Systems To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Construction, Trades, Or Building Materials Business

Residential Sales

Dominate The Retail Market

Get trained by an expert who has built a multi-million dollar residential contracting company. Use a proven residential sales process to increase lead flow, sales, profit margins, and customer satisfaction, while lowering your ad spend.

Commercial Sales

Break Into Commercial

Commercial sales are more technical and complex than residential – but the increased deal sizes are worth it. We’ve prepared an A-Z sales process you can plug into to handle commercial sales like a seasoned veteran (even if you’re just starting out).

Service Sales & Business Development

Build A 7-figure Roofing Service Department

Want to land high-margin repair & maintenance deals? Use our 25-step service roadmap for building a high-performing commercial roofing service division – from generating leads – to closing deals – to project management – to getting paid.

Roofing D2D Sales

Master Door-To-Door Roofing Sales

Learn D2D from a company that went from zero to $30M over 6 years. You’ll find everything you need to go from a door, to a roof, to a signed final build contract (all while increasing closing ratios, deal sizes, and getting more referrals).

Recruiting Playbook

Automate Hiring & Ramp Up New Talent Fast

Your sales performance & culture depends on the quality of your team. Hire, train and retain your sales dream team with our done-for-you templates, marketing funnels, and interview process.

Executive Training

Leadership Skills For Transforming Your Business

Go beyond processes, scripts, and templates by transforming the one thing that can make or break your business – your strategic leadership skills. Get executive advice from experts who have started and exited multiple multi-million dollar ventures.

Sales Competency Evaluation

Evaluate Current Sales Talent

Take the guesswork out of knowing where your reps stack up with top performers in the industry. Immediately understand how to turn average reps into great reps, and great reps into elite performers.

Sales Mindset

Cultivate An “8-Figure” Sales Mindset

Going to the next level takes more than just the right script. To make real change you & your team need to think and feel like top-tier performers – even in face of rejection, challenges, and uncertainty.

KPI Tracking

Develop KPIs To Measure Your Sales Performance

If you want to reach your sales goals you have to know your numbers. We’ll help you figure out the most optimal way to run your CRM. Our team will make sure you have all the data on closing ratios, deal sizes, and sales volume, to maximize profitability.

Tech & Automation

Automate Critical Processes For Maximum Sales Performance

We’ll assist you with improving & automating crucial processes for recruitment, managing client relationships, and boosting your sales performance.

Dedicated Business Strategists

1 on 1 Access To Business Development Experts

Get help from seasoned business strategists who’ll work closely with you to help you identify new growth opportunities, as well as strategies and tactics for hitting your revenue targets faster.

Weekly Coaching

Join Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Keep yourself and your team in top shape by getting weekly guidance and feedback for developing sales competencies. Continuously refine your sales process and mindset to ensure consistent & exponential growth.

Self-Paced Video Training

Get Training For Up-Leveling Your Sales Performance

Access comprehensive video courses tailored to your market and offer. Whether you’re in residential, commercial, service, or door-to-door sales – we got you covered.

24/7 Support

Get Support Every Step Of The Way

Get 24/7 support via an exclusive Facebook community of STG members & unlimited email support.

Over 550+ Happy Customers

Sales Transformation Group has helped 550+ construction, trades, and building materials companies break through their revenue ceiling and scale to 7, 8, or 9-figures (and beyond!).

What Success Looks Like For Our Clients

Eagle Concrete, Commercial Concrete Subcontractor

From $15-20M in 18 months. No longer calling themselves “Estimators”!

Pride Roofing:

$0 – $4.3 Million of Residential Sales in 12 months, from a standing halt, out of his house, bootstrapped.

CIG Construction

From a Standing Halt, $0 – $5 Million of Commercial Sales in 24 months. After ten years of business unpredictability in a residential storm market, changed to operating as a commercial roofer.

Avco Roofing

$0 – $7.5 Million of Commercial Sales in 24 months with 2 Account Executives. Went on to grow to $30M annually after 6 years.

Moss Roofing

$1 – $7 + in 36 months. From “mom and pop” to scalable business, all while having more time for his family.

AIC Roofing

$3 – $7.5 + Million of Residential Retail Reroof Sales in 24 months, no longer tied to every deal.

Code Red Roofers

$3 – $11.5 Million of Residential Retail Service and Reroof Sales, Predictably. Adding Trucks, more time with family, giving back to the community, multiple locations.

Rackley Roofing

$8 – $13 Million of Commercial Service in 24 months. Construction division swapped from New Con Heavy to Reroof Heavy. Brand & Service Organization… Now a Sales Organization.

Maxwell Roofing

$10 – $20 Million of Commercial Negotiated Sales in 5 years and Successful transition of Generational Leadership
* Individual performance may vary. Results are not guaranteed.

Case Studies:

Benjamin Fisher: Went from a 27% close ratio to a 35% close ratio in a year

Stephen McPhatter: Commercial Painting Contractor Closes a $48K Job Within 2 Months of Joining Sales Accelerator

Iam Rammel: From unpredictability and "flying from the seat of their pants" to breaking sales records and getting on track to double sales after one year.

David Creighton: Since we’ve been in the program, our client base has really evolved into more of an ideal client base. Out average job size have increased dramatically.

The #1 Sales Development Platform For Contractors

Get the systems, tools, coaching, strategy, and support to achieve predictable revenue and controlled growth – aka. “Sales Nirvana”.

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