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Service Accelerator, the Ultimate Roofing Sales Department Accelerator Platform for Roofing Contractors.

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This is for Growth-Minded Roofing Companies who want to start or grow your service department, sell repairs and preventative maintenance contracts, and have the systems to build out the entire infrastructure to $10M at 60% plus GM and beyond.

This is a VERY robust program and has proven to deliver incredible results for hundreds of contractors, so watch the overview video below to see what it’s all about.

This is for you if...

You want to build consistent revenue with recurring accounts via service repair and preventative maintenance programs

You are reactive with your repair program and revenue isn’t predictable, you need a strategy and a system to help you proactively guide your clients and have a predictable backlog of service work

You want to build relationships with property managers, building owners and facility managers with a low barrier to entry repair strategy

You want to the trusted advisory for reroofing projects with your clients, versus just another bid

You want to build a profitable department and not have a “loss leader” just to get the replacement work

You want pre-built estimating systems that help roofing novices that have sales talent be able to identify deficiencies and allow the system to estimating the job accurately for you

You want to learn how to generate leads with more managers and owners of multiple building

You want service technician and manager training

You want to understand the pitfalls to avoid in growing your service department

You want to rely less of new construction work and grow in the private sector

You want to build a true brand and have the resources to build relationships in your market

You want proven swipe files, SOP’s and templates for you sales, estimating, marketing and operational function of the department

You don’t want to figure out how to build it yourself, but would rather learn a proven system to get you up and running asap.

Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert

Bryan Mitchell

Commercial Service Expert

Bryan Mitchell has over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. He has been the Vice President of a very successful roofing company and joined when there was two trucks, and retired from the company when there was 35 trucks. A realist, and a passionate coach, Bryan helps roofing contractors build profitable and highly efficient service departments, while creating raving fans out of their customers.

What Our Clients Are Saying…



“A fantastic program that will shortcut your Service learning curve by years and launch your profits higher.

James Bush,
Visionary Weather Shield Roofing Systems



“Wow!… An actual road map with real details of how to sell, who to hire, what to bill and everything else you’ll need to create a more profitable service department, no matter where you are on that success curve right now.”

Gary J. Kopp,
President Roofco Ontario Inc



“Bryan’s training is precisely what we have been looking for. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and delivers in a straight-forward, fun manner. Building a highly profitable service department has long been a dream of mine. Bryan is helping us lay the foundation for great things to come.”

Eric Lueck,
Owner Red Hammer Roofing



“Helpful, insightful and helped launch our service department into the next level.”

Patrick Cunningham,
VP of Service Moser Roofing Solutions, LLC



“It’s been a great system so far with tons of resources and information. The steps we have been shown so far are starting to fall in the place in just a few months. Extremely excited and satisfied with where we’re headed.”

Casey Medina,
Service Manager Roof Master Maintenance & Roofing



“This program gives us the exact formula for creating a multi-million dollar service department. It would take me at least 10X longer to figure all of this out on my own!”

Patrick Quinn,
PRQ Exteriors



“A program like no other that will provide a foundation to start or grow your service department. A MUST HAVE!”

Paul Walden,
Paul Walden, Vice President, Roofmaster Maintenance & Roofing

Residential Sales Accelerator FAQ

Service Accelerator has multiple packages and pricing options. For more information please book a call and we’ll let you know which tier of offering is best suited for you.

It’s a monthly payment with a two-year contract. We require that the first 6-months are paid in full at the program start.

The first step is booking a discovery call where we’ll figure out if Service Accelerator will help you reach your goals. If it’s a good fit for you, after the payment is made, we’ll immediately give you access to the online course, and everything you need to build a 7-figure service department in 25 steps – including comprehensive customizable templates covering all aspects of establishing and growing roofing maintenance revenue.

We’ll also send you onboarding instructions and a personalized evaluation. And then we’ll set up a 1-on-1 customized pre-kick-off coaching call, that will help you set plans for ramping up your service revenue.

As soon as we’ve determined that Service Accelerator is a good fit for you and the payment is made. Book a call to get started today!

Once you sign up for Service Accelerator you get 12 months of full access to the program.

Yes. We offer discounts if you choose to pay in full for 12 or 24 months up front. For more information please book a call with one of our Account Executives.

Service Accelerator includes training and done-for-you documentation, SOPs, and templates for building a 7-figure service department. We don’t however get hands-on – we’ll give you all the support you need, but if you don’t implement what you learn we won’t be able to help you.

It’s both and more. It’s a comprehensive 25-step framework that covers lead generation, sales, project preparation, and execution as well as contracts and documentation for getting paid, hiring staff, and keeping everyone accountable.

The faster you implement the steps, the faster you can expect the ROI – which you’ll start seeing even before you’ve gone through the entire process. Typically it takes 12 months to go through the 25 steps, but it depends on where you’re at when you start working with us.

No. You may even find that you’ve already passed some of the steps, so if that’s the case – you’ll be able to skip them.

While all of the training happens online (where you’ll get the video training modules, templates, SOPs, etc.) you’ll also get plenty of live interaction with STG coaches during the weekly Service Accelerator group coaching calls.

And if you choose the Service Accelerator Platinum package you’ll get 1-on-1 coaching, a dedicated strategist which will keep you accountable, and even free tickets to our live events.

While there are many programs targeted toward commercial roofing contractors, we’re the only company offering an A-Z framework you can use to build a 7-figure service department from scratch.

Bryan Mitchell, who came up with the 25-step framework for service success has used it to build an $11M+ service department for a company that started with just 2 service trucks. And our clients consistently use it to crush their revenue goals and take their service departments to 7-figures FAST.

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