Springfield Inc. – Commercial Roofing Specialists.  Up 30%!  Closing large re-roof deals. No longer in “Scramble Mode”.

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Meet Nick Jacqmain, CEO/President of Springfield, Inc., commercial roofing specialists based out of Traverse City, MI. Nick is a rockstar! His company has built an incredible local brand with an emphasis on service – one that has always maintained a primary focus on relationship-based account development. They do great work, have a great team, and everyone in their market knows it.

But as Nick shares, something happened in early 2019.

“For some reason…we just stopped closing re-roof projects. We felt like we weren’t in control of anything. We were scrambling quite a bit.”

Nick’s team found themselves “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. He reached out to a friend for guidance… who connected him with Sales Transformation Group. Nick committed to the program, beginning with his execution of a strong Team Kickoff.

“(The Kickoff) arms you with the tools you need, and it also really tells you who’s in and who’s out on your team…that was worth everything right there.”

Now, with the help of the Sales Accelerator Course, Coaching and commitment to a proven Sales Process – Nick and his team are hyper-focused.

“We knew what we were trying to say, but we didn’t know how to say it,” says Nick.

Springfield is growing 30% (predictably) each year, and:

  • No longer in “scramble mode”
  • Attracting the clients they want!
  • Closing ratios are up
  • Margins are up
  • Sales cycles are shorter
  • With a solid Sales Process in place, they’re investing more energy into:
    • Sales Meetings
    • Pipeline Management
    • Prospecting

“We saw an ROI in our first 90 days, and we could have done it quicker…Your success has to be more important to you than your fear of discomfort.”   –  Nick Jacqmain

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