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Stephan Tchividjian Joins Sales Transformation Group's Advisory Board

KULA, Hawaii, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sales Transformation Group (STG), the premier Learn-Tech platform for the building and construction market, announced that Stephan Tchividjian, Co-founder and President of the National Christian Foundation of South Florida has joined their advisory board.
Stephan brings decades of experience leading organizations and individuals through the challenges of balancing success while finding greater purpose. He currently serves as President and founder of the board of the National Christian Foundation of South Florida and also manages his own small boutique consulting firm, The Caleb Group, which specializes in assisting select non-profits and for-profits with comprehensive project management, from ideation through the implementation phases. Prior to launching The Caleb Group, Stephan’s experiences provided opportunities to serve as the Senior Program Director of the Festus and Helen Stacy Foundation. Stephan serves on numerous boards, including OneHope, National Christian Foundation of South Florida, Sharable, Cimarron Insurance Company and Flex Education.
“I am both eager and excited to join Sales Transformation Group where I plan to draw from my experience serving on various boards to bring a unique perspective to the organization. I strongly believe in STG’s mission of helping business owners focus on growth, allowing them to create safety for others, and that all starts with continuing to build a strong culture across the organization and enhancing relationships within the communities we serve,” said Stephan Tchividjian.
STG provides a “Learn-Tech” platform for the construction, trades, and building materials industries.
Understanding the important role our clients and team members play in our success, Stephan will be taking a human-first approach to his advisory role. He plans to leverage his expertise coupled with best practice principles to help STG test their strategic thinking and ensure there is enough emphasis on the people as there is on the numbers.
“As an investor and board member of two of my previous organizations (Velocitude and Qualmetrix) I’ve witnessed Stephan’s positive impact first hand,” said Adam House Sr., President of Sales Transformation Group. “In addition to his vast real-world experience, he brings a great mix of high integrity and character that will enhance not only our client’s experience but our team as well.”

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