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Stephen McPhatter:
ALL-Brite Painting

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Sales Transformation Group helps construction owners gain the sales skills they need to reach the success they are capable of. For many years, we have helped owners in the construction industry understand the importance of being successful in sales in order to grow their own business. Our program has helped business owners reach their goals and we can help you too. Keep reading if you want to learn more about one of our many success stories.

Stephen McPhatter: ALL-Brite Painting

Stephen McPhatter, the owner of All-Brite Painting, found his business at a standstill. Although his business was still running successfully, he knew there was room for improvement in order to reach its’ full potential. With our help, he was able to do just that!

Stephen McPhatter’s Biggest Struggle Before STG

Before working with us, ALL-Brite Painting was operating at a capacity small enough to run out of McPhatter’s home. He was struggling with balancing his home life and running his business, so he knew it was time to expand. With our help, McPhatter was able to land his first huge painting contract, leading him in the direction of a very bright future.

How His Company Is Performing Now

“Once you start selling and develop this process, your closing rate is going to be higher, and your profits are going to be higher because you’re going to close jobs you typically wouldn’t be able to.”
-Stephen McPhatter

Through our sales training, All-Brite has been thriving. McPhatter was able to move his business out of his home and hire more people so that he can delegate tasks and focus on growing his business through closing more deals.

Why You Should Work With Sales Transformation Group

It is success stories like these that keep us doing what we do. We want to help you gain the sales skills you need in order to reach your goals.

If you are ready to take your construction business to the next level, schedule a meeting with STG today!


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