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Jamie Winship joined us for episode 9 of the Growth Minded Podcast.

Jamie is a former police officer who now does transformative mindset work with leaders and groups of all backgrounds, including sports teams, police departments, contractors, business owners and has even worked with the Seattle Seahawks. 

The type of work Jamie does is based around identity transformation and, as you’re about to discover, when you step into your “true identity” this can have profound benefits for both your contracting business and your personal life.

So, with that in mind, let’s first examine…

The Disadvantages (And Danger) Of Living With A False Identity

When you are not in your “true identity” you have an internal conflict and as a person you’re not whole – which can manifest itself in many harmful ways.

To give a rather extreme example of this, Jamie talked about his experience working with special forces teams.

These people can endure incredibly difficult situations but what they can’t endure is peace.

This is because what they do has become their identity, so when they lose this and end up living in a peaceful neighborhood…

They lose who they are, their sense of purpose, and fall into a state of extreme internal conflict.

As a result, the suicide rate among these special forces teams is off the charts, with 12 people taking their life each day. 

And while this is quite an extreme example, adopting a “false identity” can cause many other problems too.

For example, if you’ve become identified with having a certain amount of success as a contractor…

It makes you risk averse because if your revenue moves backwards, you suddenly lose your perceived sense of who you are.

Jamie has seen this happen with athletes too, where at the start of their career they are positively focused on the joy of playing their sport…

But once they land a place on a good team or experience some success, the motivation shifts negatively to not getting injured, trying to avoid losing games or making mistakes. 

And there’s a huge difference between “playing to win”…

And “playing NOT to lose”.

In your contracting business this can manifest as an unwillingness to do things differently from the competition, avoiding big investments, or shying away from taking risks.

And so, if you adopt a false identity it can seriously stunt the growth of your business. 

Which begs the question…

What Is Your “True Identity” And How Can This Upgrade Your Contracting Business?

Jamie describes a person’s “true identity” as what makes them uniquely different from everyone else – their individual gift to the world.

When someone is in their true identity, there is no inner conflict going on and their levels of resilience are off the charts…

Which means they can weather any hardship or difficulty to reach their goal while also being able to thrive in peaceful environments.

Now, when it comes to arriving at this point, Jamie says you first need to get rid of your false identities…

Which could involve letting go of certain insecurities, attachments to success, limiting beliefs, and more.

When you can do this and step into your true identity, the focus shifts from protecting yourself…

To helping others and finding the best and most creative solutions to problems without any fears or self interest holding you back.

And when you are trying to find new ways to run your business or reach your goals without the fear of failure or losing money limiting your thoughts or actions…

That’s where your most genius solutions and ideas will come from.

How Jamie Risked His Career To Help A Family In Need

Jamie experienced the power of his true identity when he was working as a police officer and was so focused on helping the families he served…

That he was willing to try anything to get the job done – even if that meant risking his career in the process.

Jamie was able to do this because his identity wasn’t coming from his title as a police officer, so if he lost this job it wouldn’t be like he was losing who he was as a person.

The first time this approach caused a real stir with his squad was when they were working on a child kidnapping from a bus stop. 

By the time they realized the kid hadn’t shown up at school, two hours had already passed, and with cases like this, the more time goes by, the lower are the chances of a positive outcome.

So, as Jamie was driving around in his cruiser, he became incredibly sad and frustrated because time was slipping away and they weren’t finding any leads, so he pulled in and asked God:

“Is there a way to know where this kid is? How would I know if you were going to direct me at that level?”

Then, as he was praying, a car passed Jamie’s cruiser and at that moment he felt sick to his stomach as if someone had just punched him in the gut.

So he immediately pulled out in front of the car and ordered the man to open his trunk…

And it turned out that the missing child was right there in the trunk of the car. 

Now, because Jamie had no mandate to search the vehicle, this could have jeopardized the case if it went to court…

But thankfully the kidnapper pleaded guilty and they were able to save the little kid.

And while this personal risk may have caused some officers to hesitate…

Jamie was able to take action with zero hesitation because he was solely focused on getting the child back to his family, even if that meant damaging his own career in the process.

This is the kind of fearless action that can happen when you let go of false identities and step into your true self.

A Surprising Added Benefit For Contractors Who Shift Their Identity

When you take on your true identity, you resolve all internal conflicts, which brings you a deep sense of wholeness and inner peace.

And doing so can produce the same type of feelings in the people around you too.  

Jamie noticed this phenomenon manifest in a surprising way after working with a small HVAC company…

After going through his training they were now not only repairing AC units, but they were able to also bring a feeling of positivity and wholeness to their customers.

Not long after this, customers started calling these AC technicians to their house, even when they didn’t have any real problem with their unit!

By adopting your true identity you not only allow yourself to have better ideas, come up with more creative solutions, and take fearless action…

But people become drawn to you like a magnet, which can help you more easily stand out from other contractors in your area.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Growth Minded Contractor podcast. 

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