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Sales Transformation Group boosts retail-focused sales with launch of its Residential Sales Accelerator Program

May 16, 2022 – Sales Transformation Group (STG), the premier Learn-Tech platform founded in 2018 for the building and construction market, announced the launch of its Residential Sales Accelerator Program. 

Targeting the retail market, this program enables organizations to reimagine their sales process to accelerate customer acquisition. Aimed at solving the most common frustrations for these owners and sales leaders, STG’s Residential Sales Accelerator Program is a simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-repeat system that anyone can learn. Creating authentic and effective consultative sales within your team, this program will lead to increased profits and customer satisfaction.

Sales Transformation Group has partnered with Chris Wolf to bring this product to life. 

“Chris has been working as a residential sales professional for over a decade and is responsible for millions of dollars in direct sales and millions more in sales through professionals he has coached and developed,” said Ryan Goth, CEO of Sales Transformation Group. “He has honed his craft by working with hundreds of sales professionals across every trade, and with his support, we are thrilled to introduce the most robust program for retail-focused contractors in the home services space.”

“Having followed Ryan and STG for a while, I’ve been able to watch the continued growth and success and am honored to join forces,” said Chris Wolf, Owner of Wolf & Wolf Construction. “Their unique approach of leveraging technology and innovation to change the coaching game is what businesses search for. With the natural synergy of our approaches, I am looking forward to lending my expertise to guarantee success in one of the most competitive markets.”

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The STG Learn-Tech platform delivers a proven sales process for construction, trades, and building materials professionals who want to build a winning team that can scale predictably, sell profitably, and gain decisions and commitments quickly and consistently. Learn more at

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