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Sales Process & Opportunity Management Software

Monitoring your sales activities without technology is like playing baseball while blindfolded. You’re pitching but you can’t see the playing field. And you never know how good (or bad) you & your team are actually doing – so you can’t get better.

GameTime allows you to remove the blindfold and get back in the game. Not only does it show how engaged your prospects are, and when to follow up… it guides you toward an effortless close every step of the way.

(PLUS We’ve integrated this easy-to-oversee sales tool with The Baseline Selling sales process – a milestone-centric framework – responsible for more than $532M+ in contracting sales.)

By keeping your sales activities “above board” your team won’t skip the steps. As a result, you can expect your MMR and long-term client retention to skyrocket.
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Salesperson Coaching Platform For Sales Leaders & Performance Management

Do you have to explain the same things to your sales team over and over again?

CoachCRM – allows you to keep everyone on track by documenting their coaching journey. This tool helps you to coach specific salespeople on specific topics. Now you can forget about sales reps who struggle to follow the process. Track how well your team is doing. Add an extra layer of accountability. And take your business to the next level by organizing your coaching conversations.

STG Statcast

Data Visualization Platform

Analytics can get confusing. Want to gather actionable insights without wasting days crunching numbers? Then you need a way to quickly visualize relevant data & filter out the noise. This is where STG Statcast comes in.

With STG Statcast you’ll get a clear overview of where to focus your attention for peak performance.

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Custom Learning Management System

Is training and ramping up your team taking too much time?

Let Artificial Intelligence do the heavy lifting for you.

STG custom LMS analyzes your team’s performance and recommends real-time personalized training.

All it takes is connecting it with your CRM (it’s compatible with all leading CRMs).

Then it provides context-based learning within our platform exactly when and where needed.

This will save you time, allowing you to switch the focus on improving your training programs, not delivering them.

Why Choose Sales Transformation Group Technology?

Our tech has evolved from the real needs of contractors.
It’s infused with processes that are the backbone of many 8-figure businesses we’ve helped to scale. By picking software solutions designed by STG you’re not just investing in new technology… you’re investing in proven systems that drive tangible results for 600+ contractors.

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