From Quote & Hope, Spray & Pray (closing 22%) to Relational, Consultative & Predictable (closing over 35% and climbing) in 8 months.

State 1: Rast Bryant and Casey Crowther had experienced a huge gain of business with Hurricane Irma, which came with great upside but with the long-term success in mind, they knew that the storm work would dry up. They also knew that didn’t have success because of their sales organization and skilled sales staff, in what in spite of them because of the demand that is created from a storm. Their closing ratio was 22%. They struggled with investing months of time, money and frustration in potential sales associates. They were living in the land of “quote and hope”
State 2: With a standardized sales process, a coaching and training routine, an emphasis on hunting and relationship building. Rast and Casey now has a scalable roofing business and making time for bigger relationships because the system is in place. Margins at increased, the company closing rate has increased to over 30% overall and over 50% in service. Their deal sizes are also higher and their outlook of the future is incredible and predictable.

Timeframe: Quote & Hope (22% close rate) to Predictable Sales (35%) in 8 months.

Story: In 2019, Ryan attended a roofing association event in SW Florida to hear the NRCA CEO Ried Ribble speak. Casey, David’s Son (CFS Roofing) started Target Roofers and shared their success story about working with Ryan. After several conversations, they knew that they had nothing to lose by working with Ryan and STG. With concern about team buy-in into a system, they decided to move forward and are ecstatic with the results. Their team has totally bought in because they have more confidence than ever in the sales process and asking the questions, truly partnering with these accounts and not just trying to sell the next job. This transformation has changed how they do business, with a focus on developing relationships. This has made their revenue predictable and allowed them to confidently invest in new initiatives.Your Content Goes Here

This program has paid for itself in 90 days. At first, you might feel sticker shock but it will 100% pay for itself. Rast Bryant, VP of Target Roofers
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