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People hate being sold, but love being served.


As an Owner or Leader of a business or team, you must “sell” something to stay in business and grow. Cash flow is to business like the oxygen is to our bodies, we must have it! This is what makes “sales” so interesting. We gotta go “sell” something whether it is a product or a service then make margin (oxygen), right?!

The issue with this, however, is that our humanity has an ego! Many leaders want “more sales, more margin and more money” which means “more success”. What if we changed the fundamentals of success? What if we looked at what actually made all of us really feel good? I’d venture to say that most humans feel good when we are able to give someone else something and they benefit from it. We are successful when we provide value, people are helped to either to fulfill a desire or solve a problem.

So, with that said, how can you grow the business with this “servant philosophy” and build a sales process around it, that actually works and is still competitive? Check out this full video blog to hear my thoughts.


If you would like more resources like this or would like to see if we at Sales Transformation Group if we can serve you, then take our quiz here by clicking the “get a price” button below for a customized demo of our selling system.


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