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Three Tips for Commercial Roofing Sales Training

In the United States, the commercial roofing industry is poised to grow by over 6% a year

Selling commercial roofing can be rewarding, but success is not guaranteed. With so much growth and the continued aging buildings being used by businesses, there’s no shortage of clients. To gain those clients, you have to be more than just a roofing professional, you have to be a salesperson too. 

Let’s take a look at three tips for successful commercial roofing sales. 


It is important that you create real dialogue with potential clients. Creating human connection will win them over faster than any fancy memorized diatribe will. It isn’t easy for everyone to just create this type of connection, training in the creation of this type of dialogue can take several forms. 

An important component of genuine dialogue is to not be left tongue-tied or with nothing to say. You want to make sure that you don’t talk about yourself too much. Humanizing a service or brand doesn’t mean telling your life story, it means listening to theirs. 

Train yourself to be a better listener, as well as being educated about the commercial roofing services they provide. The most successful sales trainings focuses on a balance of industry knowledge and communication. Commercial roofing companies, like all construction, benefit from personalized approaches. 


When describing the work done by commercial roofing contractors it is easy to get caught up in the features offered. Commercial roof replacement comes with many benefits, those will mean more than specific industry features. Your clients may want to know the features you offer but focus more on the benefits of having a new roof. 

Don’t bombard a new client with ideas and concepts, instead, let them tell you about their preferences. Focusing on an approach that emphasizes quiet listening is better than one that is bombastic and loud. Be a rock of both support and understanding for your client, don’t just be a mouthpiece. 


Old methods of sales and doing business aren’t always the best, especially in fields like commercial roofing. Modern technology combined with greater understanding can open doors that weren’t there before. Modernize your approach by seeking the assistance of a sales transformation group

Adding new techniques and ideas into your personal repertoire will make your work more successful and rewarding. You are providing an amazing benefit to clients, sales training programs can help revolutionize how you are able to describe and offer those benefits. 


Commercial roofing is a growing industry that can benefit from proper sales training and sales professionals. Buildings aren’t getting any newer which means that the list of clients is always growing. Don’t hold yourself or your company back from success because you haven’t adapted with the times. 

If you have any questions or want to further your ability to train, execute and make sales, contact us. We would love to have a consultation and find out what we can do for you. 

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