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Top Commercial Roofing Leaders to Follow on Social Media

I’ve had the privilege of building relationships and working with some of the top Commercial Roofing companies in the country. It’s been an incredible 9.5 years in this industry, and it’s been incredibly good to me (I’m just getting warmed up!). I’ve trained sales teams and installed sales CRM systems in at least 25 companies doing over $30 million per year in annual revenue, many of which have been in business for 15 or more years, with some being four generations old!

I’ve seen many residential roofers attempt to get into Commercial Roofing, many of which have stubbed their toes so badly that they made a vow never to try again. It’s safe to say that after 9.5 years of being in the guts of these businesses and having many meals and interactions with the owners, core managers, and their teams, this list of Roofing CEOs is tried and tested. If you want great examples to look up to and be inspired by, you cannot go wrong with following these leaders and reaching out for mentorship.

This is a series that I’ll run again, so stay tuned for part 2 and beyond… here we go!


Keith Post, Jayne Williams & Steve LittleKPost Roofing & Waterproofing, Dallas, TX

This team has one of the most respected brands in the industry in one of the most competitive roofing metropolitan markets in the country. This powerful trio of partners has very complementary skill sets and an incredible commitment to the success of their company. Generous with best practices, this team shared with me offline that they were very blessed to receive help and guidance from other commercial roofers in the industry when they first founded the company and have always kept their door open to other contractors looking for help. The official roofing company of the Dallas Cowboys, they have done an incredible job landing some of the most high-profile roofing projects in DFW (AT&T Stadium, American Airlines Arena, and Globe Life Field, to name a few). This team has a wholistic approach to growth with a service department, a reroof, and a new construction focus. With the leadership of Matthew Jaynes, they launched KPost Residential and have built an incredible team very quickly. In my podcast, Growth-Minded Contractor – Steve and Keith share wonderful best practices on how they function as partners and how they’ve grown KPost to what it is today. You can see their episode here. Give each of them a follow on LI, and I know you’ll be inspired!


Brad Beldon, Danny Mendez, and James GoodwinBeldon Roofing Company, San Antonio, Texas

The second company in this article is a third-generation company and an industry powerhouse. Beldon Roofing has consistently remained one of the most technology-focused and innovative contractors in the industry. Beldon performs work nationwide and is always willing to do the most difficult, dirty, and dangerous roofing projects that need to be done.

Also, a huge sports fanatic, Brad Beldon, is committed to outworking his competition by setting an example of hunger, professionalism, and a “we can always get better” attitude to running his business. I’ve seen quite a few companies, but I’ve never seen a company with the level of tools and technology to be successful in its roles as I have with Beldon. With an amazing employee retention rate and a world-class employee training program, Beldon’s leaders are the ultimate competitors.

A power user, Beldon has spent the last three years developing to function perfectly for contractors with the launch of Ozbee TEAM Software. Go and follow this great team and all they are doing on Linkedin and other social media platforms. You can also check out an episode of one of the other podcasts I’m involved with, the RT3 Podcast, where Brad shares his mental models on innovation and decision-making.


Curtis Sutton, Michelle Boykin, Jim Henley, and Michael MillerRackley Roofing Company, Inc., Carthage, TN

The last company in this article, Rackley Roofing, is another phenomenal leader in the commercial roofing industry with a tagline and hashtag that I love….#transformingtheindustry

Curtis, Michelle, Jim, and Michael have completely dominated as they’ve built one of the largest regional service businesses in the nation in just over a decade. Like KPost and Beldon, they are all EOS Worldwide believers and run off this operating system. With a branding strategy that entails being the “official roofing of the Tennessee Titans” and with Curtis’ involvement in the Nascar industry and Rackley W.A.R., they use TV ads to attract not only customers but employees to join their fast-growing and winning Commercial Roofing company.

Curtis and Michelle are generous with their time and experience. Many of my friends and clients in the industry have expressed gratitude for being a listening ear and a voice of guidance for those trying to get better and grow their businesses. Competitive yet humble, this group is the first to tell you where they fail and fail often, but they are still growing. They confront the brutally honest facts regularly and inspire many to continually #transform.

Also, guests on my RT3 Podcast, Curtis, and Michelle, were the first guests to join. You can find that episode here, along with another episode of a podcast I’m involved with called “Unlocking Service Growth” featuring Greg Hayne and yours truly. This episode can be found here.


Follow each of these companies and connect with these leaders on LinkedIn!

A few of the common denominators with all of these fantastic leaders are:

  1. They love technology
  2. They have great cultures
  3. They invest in their teams’ skills and development
  4. They’re all implementers of EOS (ask me, and I’ll refer you some great implementors)
  5. They are all active members of Sales Transformation Group for Sales Enablement Training, Coaching, and Technology support.

I highly recommend speaking with them and asking them for 30 minutes to let them hear more about your business; they’re super generous, and I’m sure they will be able to point you in a great direction!

If you’d like to learn more about STG and how we have helped them become better sales organizations, email me at or schedule time to talk at our website,

To your success,

Ryan Groth, aka “The Sales Athlete”

CEO Sales Transformation Group

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