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Hey Everyone!

I’m writing to you to share an update with what I’ve been up to! For many of you, I’ve “gone dark” and so I’m writing to share what I’ve been doing. For those of you who don’t know my backstory, I was a professional baseball player with the Angels organization after a successful collegiate baseball career. When that journey of traveling from city to city on buses came to an end, I moved to South Florida to get rooted and settled into a community to build upon a new chapter. I met my wife Lindsay, had my first child and STILL did not know what the “next step” would look like as it related to a career. I dabbled in construction as a project manager, a kids baseball coach and a ministry leader at my local church for a few years until I got networking with the movers and shakers in the city and got in contact with a well known South Florida Roofing Contractor who hired someone to write a sales software product to solve a problem he was facing in his business. Motivated and with nothing to lose, I decided to start a software company with him and begin the next chapter. A believer in hiring training and coaching, this contractor had a local Sales Trainer on retainer to help his staff and leadership continue to build upon the transition he made from a “bidding contractor” to a “sales contractor” that makes revenue predictable. I jumped into the training with the local sales trainer and I was HOOKED. I fell in love with the strategies, processes, competencies, and freedom that comes with sales mastery.

So, with this motivation and a strong foundation of training – I began selling the sales software. I began with our local market and within a few short months realized that the direction of the technology should remain in the specialty contracting world. So, we focused contractors and within another six months or so realized that 99% of contractors had no sales process, no sales structure, ineffective sales meetings, untrained leadership, very little ability to sell consultatively, ask questions and listen, qualify and most importantly – couldn’t forecast the future to save their lives! The unpredictable roller coaster ride of revenue was rampant across almost every company and the need screamed “HELP!”.
As the President of the company with a strong team sports and coaching background, coupled with a strong desire to make an impact and bring value, I got the epiphany that “I can help our clients with this. I want to be the Sales Guru for contractors. This is me.”

So, with the help of the team, I wrote version 1.0 of my contractor specific sales program and for a year and a half, a colleague and I began training our clients on sales development alongside the sales and implementation of the sales technology. We worked with hundreds of contractors across the country, mainly in the roofing industry, helping to bring the transformation into a sales organization to many with wonderful results.

However, with a young and growing family that didn’t like me traveling three to four times per month and software company who’s future truly depended on recurring software subscription revenue, not consulting revenue – I had to make a choice. The choice was easy, stay home and sell software. “Ryan the Contractor Sales Coach” took a seat on the bench for what I thought was forever. For about a year and a half, I helped to build a strong team to sell and support clients using the software in a way that didn’t require ME. I basically worked myself out of a job.

As things were progressing forward as planned, I began to feel it was time for a change. I took inventory of my passions, desires, skills, and network and asked myself “What if Ryan the Sales Guru came back? Ryan the Coach?” I made a few calls to see if there was any interest and with the help of a few friends sent from the Good Lord above, I mustered up the courage to jump out of the nest with the stable paycheck that I have been collecting to run this company to start my own company.
I approached the software company board of directors that I was running and made a proposition, “what if I started my own Sales Development Company, doing what I used to do and helped your clients be more successful? How about I bring people to you to use the software to help them make the transformation that we know is possible?” Thankfully, there was agreement across the entire group that this is my sweet spot, my passion, my “thing”.

Since then, I’ve made my contractor sales program more complete, working for the past year on adding and improving my program with new coaching and consulting tools, sales steps and on-demand access of my content with hand-picked clients to bring wonderful results. And now, I’m ready to share with those ready to make the change and get the results that you never thought possible. I am now ready to share how contractors can make the transformation in the fastest and most effective way, based on data, proven methods and industry experience in the most competitive markets.

You see, I’ve created a program that goes to the root cause of “bid and beg” problems for entire organizations. I am literally turning estimators with 15 years of industry habits into consultative sellers and qualifiers, even hunters that prospect daily and forecast with precision. People are changing, businesses are changing, it’s crazy!
So, if you want to stay connected to my journey and listen to best practices that I’ve accumulated over the incredible environment that I’ve been part of and helped to shape, then stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel, connect with me on LinkedIn and add me on Facebook.

I’ll be sending regular emails that include my thoughts on sales in the construction industry, along with videos and invitations to strategy sessions with me to see how I can help you transform your company into the predictable revenue machine that we all desire to have!
If you aren’t interested at all and want to unsubscribe to this, NO WORRIES! Totally cool with me!