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How Woodiwiss Painting Tripled their Revenue with STG's Sales Process

A Focus on What Matters

Woodiwiss Painting was struggling with developing the right process for their sales team. Relying heavily on trial and error, the team could not build a robust and consistent sales engine. Sales Transformation Group’s approach to baseline selling highlighted the importance of shifting focus to the process goal rather than just the outcome goal. With attention now on the sales activities it takes to hit their numbers, Woodiwiss Painting created stronger accountability and can pinpoint what is working and what is not, ultimately allowing them to surpass their goals.

Increase in Sales

Closing the deal can arguably be considered the most important aspect of sales. After adopting our proven processes, the highest sales performer at Woodiwiss Painting was able to close $745,000 in Q4 with an average job size of $12,000. This success permeated throughout the organization. Leveraging Sales Transformation Group’s process and friendly competition allowed Woodiwiss Painting to produce 3x more this January than any other year, selling out a historically lower cycle time. The goal for Q1 2021 was $864,000. In January, they were running about $40,000 behind, and in February, they were about $105,000 behind. In the second week of March, the team attended one of our conferences. After coming back and fully implementing our processes, Woodiwiss Painting went from $105,000 behind to $80,000 ahead, closing the quarter at $944,000. It didn’t stop there, the goal for Q1 2022 was $1.3M, and they were at $1.55M, not yet counting the last two weeks. Woodiwiss Painting is trending well over its 2022 sales goals and can now focus on building out the production team; in fact, they are currently acquiring a roofing company as they cannot produce as much as they can sell.

Quicker Ramp-Up of Team Members

The ability to train and have a system in place allows your sales team to hit the ground running. Woodiwiss Painting experienced prolonged onboarding of new team members and a team that needed extra management, limiting the ability to focus on other important business needs. Our proven, consistent, and completely customizable system allowed new team members to onboard quickly while delivering immediate success, which motivated existing team members to buy in. With that strong belief in our system, Woodiwiss Painting’s sales team has transformed into a group of leaders and teachers eager to crush their goals and train the joining members themselves.

Quote from Toby

“If you are a member of STG – do it. Implement it. Be on the coaching calls; it’s not busywork it’s important work. If you’re considering it, don’t think about cost but consider what STG would need to provide to you to make it worth it. We’ve been able to double our sales from the year before. Sales used to be a restraint, and now it is the exact opposite.” – Toby Woodiwiss, Owner of Woodiwiss Painting.

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