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Are you looking for a proven sales training program that can help transform your business? Are you looking for business growth strategies that work? Sales Transformation Group offers an amazing program that will train your sales team to close more deals, develop relationships, and improve your bottom line. We specialize in the construction, roofing, and other trade industries. John Ingalls from Roofco (a roofing company in Ontario) offers up his testimony on how our Sales Accelerator program has improved their sales. Book a sales call today!

Improved Closing Rate

Closing sales is a problem for many and can lead to a business under performing. Roofco was struggling with closing sales; however, they just closed a $138,000 job using our processes. Their closing rate across the company has improved with these processes. Sales Transformation Group’s Sales Accelerator program will give you the tools you need to help you close sales.

Put Processes in Place that Lead to Success

Sales Transformation Group has developed proven processes that will help develop your sales team for success. We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your sales team with a custom sales plan and vision. We aim to professionalize your salesforce. We add in team communication and marketing, as well as automation. Then we offer a proven funnel to attract more top talent. Roofco has leveraged this process to improve their sales and closing rates and grow their company.

Consistent Sales

One of the many problems that our clients face is inconsistent and sporadic sales, which was a big challenge for Roofco. This, as you know, can lead to cash flow problems and ultimately, a lot of stress and headaches. Roofco has embraced our sales processes. Their sales are building, and they are looking forward to the future.

Success for ALL Team Members

Typically, companies have sales people who are really successful, somewhat successful, or not successful at all. Our goal is to bring success for all of your team members so that you can develop a high-performing culture so that everyone is highly successful. This is a win/win for both the company and the individual. One of Roofco’s motivations for investing in Sales Transformation Group was to gain the tools to help train their team to be successful in sales. They have seen a big improvement in performance across the board.


Sales Transformation Group is passionate about helping construction, roofing, landscaping, concrete, and other companies grow and be successful. Our online training program is easy to use and implement. Our team coaching sessions offer hands-on practice, as well as coaching for leaders. As Roofco attests, our sales training and program can truly help you grow your business, form business strategies, and improve your bottom line for the future. Book a call to learn more today!


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