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Recruiting Accelerator, the Fastest and Most Effective Way to Attract, Screen, Hire and Onboard High Performers into your company.

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This is for Growth-Minded Companies who need high performing talent in critical parts of their business and want a completely done-for-you solution to automate the recruiting process.

This is a VERY robust program and has proven to deliver incredible results for hundreds of contractors, so watch the overview video to see what it’s all about.

This is for you if...

You’ve hired all of your family members and are ready for a professional recruiting process.

You have a great message but are struggling to streamline the message to the employee marketplace.

You have a great story to share, an amazing vision..but you don’t know how to tell it.

You find yourself saying the same thing over and over again, and don’t have it captured professionally on video yet.

You don’t have a screen tool that is objective in identifying sales leader, manager and salesperson competencies.

You are either an easy sell or burnt by poor hires in the past, and you need additional ways to ensure the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

You don’t want to pay (or keep paying) high percentages for recruiters and would rather dramatically reduce that cost to bring on the right talent.

You don’t know how to build funnels and need help.

You need help with the interviewing process.

You want to find qualified high-performers who crush it out of the gate.

You want to delegate work to a team of self-starters who are a great fit for the company.

You want to ramp up new employees who produce a significant ROI fast.

Want amazing results and are willing to put in the work, but you’d love a fast track to get there

You want recommendations on the best in class software to build your sales organization on

You want an objective way to measure and screen future sales hires

You want systems to help you recruit sales people in house

You want to learn how to use social media, home shows and centers of influence to help you generate leads

You’re ready to grow and want a coaching and training partner to help you get there!

Meet the Experts

Ryan Groth

CEO Sales Transformation Group

Stuart Robles

VP of Client Success

Nick Whitehead

Videographer & Video Producer

How It Works...

When you join Recruiting Accelerator, Ryan will help you “paint the picture” and create the messaging for your company’s Recruiting Video.

Nick will fly to your office to record the video and edit it.

Stuart will help build and manage the entire funnel from top to bottom, including…

This is the only done-for-you recruiting funnel service in the industry so apply now to start building up your business!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Recruiting Accelerator FAQ

To make staffing as effortless as possible we offer multiple pricing options. Our team is available for various levels of involvement and implementation of your new recruitment system (depending on your unique needs). For more information please book a call and we’ll let you know which tier of offering is best suited for you.

It’s a one-time payment after which you’ll get unlimited access to the Recruiting Accelerator hiring funnel copy, pre-screening licenses, online coaching platform, ramping playbook template, and much more for 24 months.

With job description templates & our support, you can set up everything you need to start hiring new employees in just a week. Of course, fully optimizing & automating your hiring funnel takes a bit longer, however you’ll see results in your first month of using The Recruiting Accelerator.

Yes. If you become a RA Plus member, we actually fly out to your office and capture and edit a 5-10 minute recruiting video that includes the proven messaging that will be sure to capture the attention of high performers that will change the game with you!

Yes. We have a pool of qualified candidates that are in our Applicant Tracking System. A benefit of joining this program is that you can interview recommended candidates who are actively looking for a position.

Recruiting Accelerator offers staffing assets for any position in your construction or trades business.

You can customize the role of any Sales Leader, Manager or Salesperson role that you are looking to fill with the licenses, which last for 12 months.

No. We’ll guide you through every step of setting up everything you need for a smooth staffing process. You can even hire an STG Automation Expert who will build the funnel for you!

If you’ve placed an ad on a job board you know attracting and hiring qualified employees can be challenging. Unlike the traditional recruiting process (which mostly consists of posting a job description and setting up interviews), Recruiting Accelerator goes multiple steps further:

Your potential employees will go through a series of intentionally designed steps – including automated candidate attraction, thorough screening, and interviewing process – until only the most dedicated and qualified employees join your company.

You’ll also get the assets required to hire top performers such as pre-screening licenses, application format, ramping playbook template, and much more. And most importantly – once it’s set up – your new hiring funnel will bring in qualified employees on autopilot – just like a headhunter would – but without any commission fees.

The first step is booking a discovery call where we’ll figure out if Recruiting Accelerator will help you reach your staffing goals. If it’s a good fit for you, after the payment is made, we’ll immediately give you access to the online training platform, and everything you need to build a rockstar team on autopilot.

You can get started as soon as we’ve determined that Recruiting Accelerator is a good fit for you and the payment is made. Book a call to get started today!

Yes. We offer discounts if you buy a bundle of STG programs. For more information please book a call with one of our growth consultants.

It’s a done-for-you solution, however, you may need to make slight adjustments to our templates to match the unique staffing needs of your company.

Simple – this is the only recruiting training program with templates and automated funnels for any position you need to fill.

We will reopen the license for you to reuse if the new hire doesn’t work out within the first 6 months.

No. Please speak with your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to explore which onboarding training program is the best fit for your company and the role. Also, be sure to ask about our Custom Branded LMS offering for you to host your own content on the platform.

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