Moss Roofing: $1 – $7 + in 36 months. From “mom and pop” to scalable business, all while having more time for his family

State 1: Adam Moss, a 2nd Generation owner knew that when he took over his mom and dad’s roofing business that he would have a heck of a time turning it from a “mom and pop” to a real business. He was working insane hours and neglecting his health and family.

State 2: With a standardized sales process, a coaching and training routine, an emphasis on hunting and relationship building. Adam now has a scalable roofing business and making time for himself and his family. Margins at increase 42%, the company closing rate has increased 22%, deal sizes are higher and his outlook of the future is incredible.

Timeframe: $1 – $7 + Million of residential retail sales in 3 years.

Story: In 2019, Adam saw a Youtube video of mine and decided to reach out. He bought into Sales Accelerator but it took a few months before he began implementing the program. Once he did, his older sales talent knew that they couldn’t keep up with the performance and changes necessary for Adam’s new direction.

He’s got buy-in from the rest of the team and although he “knew what Z looked like from A, you propelled me forward and got me there much faster. Doing it along was so cumbersome.”

This program has paid for itself 50-60 times over within the first year alone. Adam Moss, VP of Moss Roofing

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